Saturday, May 21, 2011

We traveled to Peredo today and met Pastor RoRo. We traveled in the back of a truck, standing the entire time. We had to stop along the "road", and by "road" I mean a washed out culvert, to pull another truck out of the river.

Pastor RoRo started a church in Peredo about 2 years ago with $500 and a vision from God. His church now has about 250 people that attend every Sunday, a school with 167 students, a feeding program that feeds 1200 children daily, and a medical clinic that treats 80-100 people every day.

The medical clinic treats basic maladies; worms, skin infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, hypertension, and pain. The clinic also performs surgeries, dental extractions, and uses the Kendall Optometry system for eye exams.

In addition to the medical clinic, Pastor RoRo and his team are building or have built a church, two dormatories, and a home for the physician (the physician has not been decided, but Paster RoRo knows God will provide). Paster RoRo's future plans are to move on to a new town in about six months and start this process again. He is building God's Kingdom, one village at a time, just as Jesus commanded us to do; If someone is hungry, sick, naked; feed them, heal them, give them clothes to wear- Tell them I love them and show them with your actions. "Whatever you have done to the least of these you have done to me."

We also met Cristella, a little girl in the village who had burned her legs in a cooking fire. The witch doctor down the road, instructed her parents to take batteries, open them, and put the powder inside the batteries in her wounds as a treatment and cure. RoRo found her crying alone at home while doing rounds on the homes in the village. He spoke with her parents and they decided that Pastor RoRo would take her to he hospital in Jacmel. At the hospital in Jacmel, the doctors said both of her legs would need to be amputated. He then called a Northwest Christian Mission who instructed him to bring Cristella to them. After a month with NWCM, she left for home with both of her legs and her first pair of tennis shoes. Cristella's entire family now belongs to the church and her father is part of Paster RoRo's team.

Thank you Lord that one little girl's legs are important to you. Thank you Lord for preparing  me and allowing me the privelege of sharing in your work here in Haiti.

Shout out to Marie, Cork, and Danette @ home! Love you guys!


  1. Oh my brothers & sisters in Haiti - how my heart aches to not be with you there...but oh how my spirit soars to read about the kids at the mission and Cristella. I know God will use you in a mighty way to touch the people of Haiti. And I also know once again you will come home changed from the love they give back. I will pray without ceasing for all of you.
    His love & mine, Danette

  2. Good Morning Team: I have so enjoyed the posts. Lets me feel I am there. So proud of all of you and the work you are doing. I could taste the lobster soup you had the first night. I can smell the fresh cinnamon rolls baking too. Have you had any yet? I am excited to see and hear about the clinic. Praise God for His love of Cristella and her family. Prayers for baby Naomia. Keep us posted on her progress. On our way to church. I know the blessing you all will have with our Haitian bros and sisters. I hear the sweet music and prayer. God bless you all. Feel my hug. Love, Cork and Marie