Thursday, May 26, 2011

Running boy

7 years old, running, playing. Like most kids having fun but on his own. A fall, broken bones. Bone sticking through skin. You and I would be go to the ER, have surgery, probably IV antibiotics, splint, rehab and life goes on.

If you live in the mountains of Haiti life may be different. If you're like my little patient yesterday you may be hours and hours away from  hospital. Your parents unable to feed you much less transport you for surgical care. Knowing all of this, you look down, see your arm bone sticking out, pull your bone back into the skin, set the arm yourself, pull your shirt off and make a sling. A sling to support not only your compound fracture but also your elbow fracture, your rotator cuff tear, and your complete shoulder seperation. Your arm hurts a lot, but you go on. Six weeks later your bones are healing but you have a sore that won't heal, a sore that goes on and on and on.

Six months later your parents finally walk hours to drop you off with your aunt, who feeds you and walks you several hours to the christian hospital being built in Peredo. Newly constructed, still being outfitted with equipment, you see Dr. Jim.

Dr. Jim knows that sore are needs to be removed in surgery. Unfortunately the bone could be infected and may need more than we're equipped to do. We need an Xray which could be done in a nearby town but the Aunt has already spent money she couldn't afford to bring him here. Our surgical area isn't fully equipped, isn't as clean as we would wish, what is a missionary to do?

You do what you can. We explained the situation and proceeded to numb up the area. This tough little boy called out to Jesus, saying he would make it all better. We successfully removed the tissue and closed him up.

We rewarded his bravery with a chance to pick out some donated clothes and a toy. Leaving the clinic he had a smile, some stitches, some new shorts, tootsie rolls, and an invitation to have lunch with the school kids next door.

 One less problem in a life full of them. It is my prayer that God will reward his aunt for her generosity and provide for him and his family. That people in the area will know God generously provides in the clinic at Peredo. That Peredo becomes a center for excellence in this beautiful town and country. Already people are coming cross the country to recieve low cost, high quality, compassionate care. Hopefully they will encounter our Lord who provides it all.


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