Sunday, November 13, 2011

Joplin Update

We've just returned from dinner, our day is finally over.  We were expecting Saturday to be a short day, but it turned out to be not really so much.
We started out earlier today so we could tour the storm damage.  It's impossible for us to get the full effect without having seen the city before the tornado.  Many areas have been cleaned up pretty well, some have even been excavated.  Other areas have had little done since the tornado.  We were driving along and suddenly in front of use was a huge building in total destruction, it was the high school.  If there had been anything going on the that school when the storm hit the loss of life would have been horrific.
As we started down the street we could see across the valley to the hospital.  The damage to the hospital wasn't as horrific as the high school.  But with the mental images of a hospital as a place of safety and care, it was equally as unsettling.
On our way back we happened on to the church where nothing was left standing except the cross.  The cross is still standing in the empty lot.
We arrived at the distribution center and spent the morning stocking for the coming week.  The weekends tend to be when they get the most volunteers, but the fewest shoppers.  So they try to get things stocked up as much as they can for the coming week.
There was another group that arrived today from Tenessee.  This afternoon Joe and Travis drove the Penskey truck and went with the Tenessee group to move a family.  The described it as "Hoarders, Burried Alive".  They were anxioius to get back to the hotel to shower.
In the mean time the rest of us went to Lowes to buy bungee straps to keep the tarps down on the materials stored outside.  The wind continues to blow here, 40 mph gusts were predicted for today.  I belive they were every bit of that, and frequent.
They have a great deal of things stored outside.  Many of them things that really can't tolerate a lot of moisture like paper towel and toilet paper.  We spent a lot of extra time making sure things were double tarped, bungeed and weighted down to protect from the constant wind and the threat of rain overnight.
We took a trip inside the church to use the restroom and happened to meet the pastor in charge of their relief projects.  His name is Roger and we can contact him to get connected to help again at the distribution center and for construction projects.  Working at the distribution center is a great opportunity for prayer warriors.  Prayer with the survivors is a big part of the shopping experience and people who are comfortable praying with strangers is important.
We're planning to start for home at about 6:30 local time in the morning.  It will probably be between 8 & 9 when we make it home since we will probably have to stop to eat at least once.  I'll update you as we get nearer to home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Final Update From Haiti

Good Morning Sonlight. I write this morning not knowing where time has gone. Today will be are last day here. We are up and out by 2:00 a.m. heading to the airport Friday morning.
Yesterday was a great day. The ladies delivered the food they bought, then we all went to work for Dr. Ken who used to be the director of hands and feet but has now started his on clinic for infant baby well care which is awesome. Very much needed in this area. We didn't see much else yesterday. Celebrated Chuck's birthday with a pizza party with all the kids. That was fun see all the smiles.

Getting ready to head out and finish helping Dr. Ken this morning, then is off to find Charlotte to goto tent city. Short and sweet this morning. Love ya all. Love God Love People Period.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update From The Haiti Team

Here is another update from team leader, Ed Gibson.

"Good morning SonLight family & friends & loved ones.  This morning I woke up early and had the opportunity to come down to the beach.  Such as amazing and peaceful place that God has created.  I sit here and look at this amazing view and just think how often we/I fall short on thanking God for all He provides.  I truly love this place.  The smiles on the face of the Haitians tell everything, these people so much just want to be loved.

Yesterday was a great day.  We spent the day repairing Greg's truck which was in really bad shape.  We also repaired the BUV (for those of you who know what that is) which was also not running.  We have fixed everything that Chuck asked us to look at and by God's grace we have extra funds left.

We were able to move and wire a generator at Jessica's so the girls would have power.  The ladies went to the market and bought rice, beans, puree, spaghetti, and oil.  It was divided up six ways and the ladies will be delivering it to six families today.

Thank you everything for the prayers and support.  Love God, Love People, Period.

Ed Gibson"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update From The Haiti Team

Our team in Haiti is still w/o internet so the team leader, Ed Gibson, is texting me updates.  Here it is.

"Good morning SonLight.  Things are going great here.  We were able to spend the day working with Greg and his crew at the new village.  Boy was it hot!  No shade at all.  The ladies spent the morning at the formula program and at the school.  We spent the evening driving around looking for parts for Greg's truck which we will fix today (tie rod, ruptured brake line, new brakes, new tires, etc).

Things are starting to look better around Jacmel, trash is gone and the debris on the side of the road is being cleaned up.  This makes my heart feel better.  As Chucky says, "one Haitian at a time".  Please pray for this little special young baby named Jocelyn.  She is only 11 months old and was brought to the house with full blown aids.  She is so precious and full of life.  I get tears in my eyes every morning when I hold her.

Once again, we're sorry for no blog.  I will keep Pastor Jason updated.  We love you SonLight Family.

Love God, Love People, Period."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update From The Haiti Team

Hello SonLight I received the following message via txt from our team leader: Ed Gibson.

Good morning Sonlight. We still have very limited access to the internet. Everyone is doing awesome and having a great time. We got the generator running yesterday which is a hugh benefit for the mission. Thanks to Terry and John. Its up and off to church this morning with these beautiful people of Haiti to worship our Lord and Savior. Greg is doing some amazing work here, he is bringing two young men to church this morning for the first time. We drove to Jacmel yesterday to buy them some dress showes. Thank you Sonlight. We love you all. Love God Love People Period.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Stay tuned for stories & updates from the team.  They will leave SonLight's campus around 2:30 am today. they should arrive in Haiti sometime Friday afternoon.

Keep the team in your prayers

Pastor Jason

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Panama medical trip

So we've been to the islands where we stayed in a new village - Playa Caimito. We traveled to three different villages where we had to cross a bamboo bridge, climb never ending stairs, jump from the boat to shore, scramble up and down slippery rocks.

We saw lots of people in oppressive heat and had a great time together.

Went to the border with Costa Rica today to a church there and saw a whole lot of people. Got to talk with the pastor and hear his inspiring story. Have met a lot of inspiring people young and old, including a great group of high school kids from Florida on fire for the Lord!

We're holding up well. A few minor illnesses here and there but nothing too serious. Lots of heat, wetness, fatigue, and joy serving the Lord.

Love you all,

Dr. Jim

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