Thursday, May 26, 2011

Haitians to the Rescue!

It was hot, I mean hot. It was humid, super humid. We were finishing up our walk through the most despicable place on earth with many little "helpers" in tow.  As we rounded the corner close to where our truck was parked, my mind raced to make sense of the horror I had just witnessed.  As we approached the truck the children began to line the bumper. A grown up signaled for them to scatter so we could load up.  That's when we saw it, we had flat tire! 

The guys spring into action. They begin looking for the tools necessary to change the tire. The proper tools were nowhere to be found, big suprise! Ryan Howe morphs into McGyver and begins to figure out how to get the spare out without the proper tool. As Ryan and a few guys go to work, the rest of us begin playing games with the kids, thankful for a little extra time with them. And that's when it happens...the Haitian tent camp residents come out in full force to help. My heart begins feeling confused, how is it that we have traveled all the way to Haiti to help it's people and we find ourselves in need of their help...The men bring out their meager, beat up tools and blankets for the guys to lay on.  All that they had, their prize possessions for us to fix a tire! We toured the tent camp with no tangible help in food, clothing or bedding, only heavy hearts and loving arms.  With no help given, the Haitians extend a kind arm of assitance to us.  I will never understand why, but for that moment the kind, resilient and helpful Haitians rescued us!

So the American missionaries, those here to help, found ourselves on the receiving end.  Humbled, confused and saddened by the reality, I waited in great thirst for our tire to be changed.  I was so thirsty, but in my heart I knew the thirst I felt could not and would not ever compare to the hunger these people experience everyday.  So, our visit to the tent camp with forever be seared in my memory...the day we were rescued by the Haitians!

Love and hugs to all!

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  1. Many times during ths week I have cried reading the blogs you all have sent, but you are all a true blessing to god. I can't imagine the pain, as well as happiness you have all been able to experience. Praying for a safe return:)