Sunday, May 22, 2011


Naomi is a nine month old beautiful little girl. Having fevers and irritable since we arrived. Last night during devotion we got a call from upstairs - "We need a Doctor, we have an emergency!" With a glance, my good friend Randy dutifully went up to see her.

Naomi had developed an abscess on her hip. Probably a bacteria we all have on our skin. A bacteria normally harmless, but in this case invading the skin and creating a trapped infection. An infection that needed to come out. We knew what needed to be done but knew it would be painful for all of us.

We got the medical bag and started attending to Naomi. First - a stick intended to relieve pain. Second, an incision into the cavity with an expected squirt of nastiness. Third, the hard part - massaging the tissue to express all of the toxic material. Each touch causing pain, tears, withdrawal. Tears of pain from a girl with too much pain in her life so far. Next, a repeat of it all in a second area. Pain, tears, and pus, and relief.

Tina said it amazes her that whenever they have a need, God supplies it. What an intimidating though beautiful thought - God knew the pain and need would be there and allowed two humble docs the pleasure of helping a baby. He could have healed her without us, could have prevented the infection, but chose to use us to minister to her and her family.

This morning Naomi is not all better but is a little closer than yesterday. Please pray that God will heal her, that no more pain will be needed, and that we will have the wisdom to know the right things to do at the right times. Pray that when God supplies a need any of us can supply, we will recognize it and have the courage to meet it.

Thanks for your prayers! Love you all.



  1. Praying for Naomi's healing. So awesome to hear how God is stretching you already, but more exciting how you are answering His call. Praise God. You are fanning (stirring up) the flames of the spiritual gifts God gave you... For God has not given you a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love and self-discipline. 2 Tim. 1:6,7. Rock on Team Haiti!!!!!!

  2. We are there, but not there. Really hard to not be on this trip. Miss you guys alot and know we are missing alot of great God moments. Praying for you all and everything God is using you for. I believe every second of the time on mission trip is absolute God time, like we're on hiatus from human time. Every day life seems so useless when we're just in survival mode and not God user mode. Man I wish I was there. You all have to know, the left front row at church was kinda thin and lacking in spirit; it's like some of the power of God's Sonlight was gone (actually it was)! Kristi and I did our best doing the swivel hip thing but mine wasn't pretty! Enjoy the great works guys! Lookin forward to seein y'all soon!