Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kids, Kisses, Clinic, Chaos

Plane touches down in Haiti. Once again i am blessed with God giving me the gift of landing here. first impression PAP - much improvement. many areas from the airport construction to fewer tents in the medians of the city streets to actually seeing big machines moving the crumbled earth. as i rode through the city of PAP i thanked God for the few changes i did see.
ahh, the mission and the KIDS! i was so excited to give hugs and kisses! instantaniously i knew names and saw new faces. the shock of seeing Ezekiel... WALKING! hands raised in praise, thank God! he was knocking on deaths door a few months ago and now he is charging head first into his future that God hs in store for him. little jamesly who hardly had any muscle control is crawling, pulling himself to his feet and interacting with his quick smile and laugh with everyone.
i was ready for the new faces like little jon eddy who spent the church service sleeping on my lap and smiling huge while awake.
in preparation for this trip i prayed much for the ability to be able to be in the moment, and see through His eyes and be His hands and feet.
I've been blessed to be able to spend time in the medical clinic in Peredo with pastor RoRo. the clinic struck me as one built by Gods love, giving honor to those in the surrounding mountainous area by giving them a place to visit doctors and be treated with respect and honor. haitians must walk sometimes hours on the rough terrain- sick- with a hope of being there early enough to see the doctor on that day. if they were too far back in line, they will be told to return the next day. although my heart aches for their suffering, i know that the volunteers are doing their best in being able to determine the immediate needs to allow the docs to see them.
market day- chaos.
filth, crushing crowds, noise. ive experienced market twice this week. once on foot through the crowds in jacmel to purchase vegetables for the mission house. the second time in  vehicle with  my husband at the helm steering us through the throng of people and their wares. getting just the right spot to set up your display of goods is of utmost importance. even if that means setting up in the middle of the street. so while driving, we waited, with 8 in a vehicle,  for the vendors to move their goods in order for us to pass through. the crowds walked past, the horns honked, the voices raised in question and all the while we were waiting in a see of people. a 45 minute scenic coastal drive to peredo turned into a 2 hour heart pounding, patience testing experience. many praises to my husband for remining cool- calm - and collected throughout the whole ordeal!
praise God for this amazingly humbling experience of life in Haiti!

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