Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For The Love Of Haiti

At this time tomorrow, the Haiti team will be making final preparations and spending the last few hours with family before departing for Haiti! Everyone is very excited to serve in Haiti and to see what God has in store. I must say that preparing for this trip has been challenging. There are arrangements to make for church responsibilities, children, finances and work, for many. The most important preparation, however, is preparing my heart for this experience. I have really been burdened for the people of Haiti, their spiritual state as well as physical. It is my desire to see their suffering as Jesus would and respond with His love. I continue to pray that God will prepare my heart to see what I will see, experience what I will experience and to touch those that I come in contanct with. Please pray as we go that our team will not miss what God has called us to do because our hearts weren't ready! Thank you in advance for the prayers you send up on our behalf!!

For the love of Haiti,
Emilie Rains

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