Monday, May 23, 2011

The boy with crooked legs

The ride to Peredo is nothing less than beautiful. Drive along the coast, through three colorful little towns, then turn right and up the mountain to a little clinic oasis.

Newly built with 2 surgical suites, a Dental office, Optometry office, Pharmacy, and several exam rooms. A clinic newly open, already busting at the seams.

The work here is different than in rural Panama. A more complete formulary, more surgical capabilities, a good reputation increased the variety of things we saw. Today was wound day - A machete wound, a woman who was run over by a motorcycle, and an elderly diabetic who scraped her foot. The diabetic was in real risk of losing her foot and had to go to the Cuban Hospital nearby. The others had surgery in the clinic.

We saw one child with crooked legs, bowed out, limping into the clinic. A diagnosis list in the recesses of my mind, weak from lack of use. Randy and I put our heads together and were saddened that there was little to do for him. No treatments availble, only encouragement to cope and maximize life in a culture too poor to care for the weak and downtrodden.

A picture taken and a heart filled with questions. What will become of him? Will his community and family love, support, and care for him? Will God lead him into a gainful career or will he suffer from the inhumanity of man all of his days? I fear the latter and pray that at least he may encounter God in a saving way in this beautiful clinic and town. A beacon of hope in a dark land.

Our team is well. We're having a great time and we are all healthy. We appreciate your prayers as we continue the work. Naomi is improving slowly.


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