Monday, May 23, 2011

Approaching Chunky Monkey Status

Today, Rachael, Mary, Cindy, Maria and I had the privilege to accompany Miss Linda to the baby feeding program.  As we approach the school I begin to see a number of women, some with babies and some without, waiting for our arrival.  My eyes meet a young woman's, she looks right through me.  I began to realize that the needs that we would see today are far beyond needs that I will ever experience. 

Once inside, the women begin lining up.  Maria began helping Linda get organized as the the rest of us got a tour of the school given by Pastor Maxi, the most gigly man I have ever met.  After our tour we joined Maria and Linda to distribute formula.  There were many beautiful baby's and their mama's.  It was startling to see babies that are 12 months old weighing 12 pounds.  We also saw a little baby boy who is 15 months weighing 13 pounds. I was presently suprised to see many babies reaching chunky monkey status.  There were a number of babies that weighed in at our above healthy weight.  What a testimony to the success of Tina's feeding program!

Today was filled with many other blessings!  I hope to share more in times to come! Love and hugs!


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